Strategic Corporate Writing

Understanding audiences is critical to incorporate successful communication strategies. In the following four projects I assert my knowledge of audiences, tools and media to address audience fatigue, communications crises and competition.

Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough: A Study on Audience Fatigue and the Death of Michael Jackson

Don't Stop 'til You Get EnoughDid the coverage of Michael Jackson’s death annoy or bore you? You weren’t alone! I developed a project in my Critical Studies in Journalism course using a snowball survey to determine audience fatigue and saturation using the coverage of Michael Jackson’s death as a case study.

Competition in Weight Loss: A Communications Plan for Weight Watchers

Weight WatchersWeight Watchers is a lifestyle, not a diet. Unfortunately Weight Watchers is roped into the same weight loss programs that crowd advertising space. Competition can be a motivating factor to reaching new audiences in creative ways. In my Contemporary Corporate Communications course I challenged myself with the role of the Weight Watchers Director of Corporate Communications and delivered critical communications solutions to gain a competitive edge. This memo outlines a communications strategy for competing with other weight loss companies.

Too Fat to Fly? A Crisis Communications Plan for Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines LogoWhat happens when celebrities use Twitter to share opinions and experiences? Southwest Airlines found out when overweight comedian Kevin Smith was refused a seat on a flight due to his size. Similar to the Weight Watchers memo, I assumed the role of The Southwest Airlines Director of Corporate Communications to outline a communications strategy for addressing the “Too Fat to Fly” rule.

Here We Go…Again: A Communications Plan for the Pittsburgh Steelers Franchise

Pittsburgh SteelersThe Pittsburgh Steelers are known for their Super Bowl rings, Terrible Towels, and the players’ actions. Reputations can be compromised by rumors, pictures and accusations. How can you regain the trust of fans, the sports community, and the public? In this paper I wrote a communications strategy for the Pittsburgh Steelers franchise to improve and repair their long-lasting stellar reputation after Ben Roethlisberger and other players’ mishaps.


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