Candidates for public relations and marketing positions are typically required to have the following skills: strong communication and writing ability, and the capacity to think both creatively and critically while facilitating solutions in  both team-oriented and independent settings. I can claim that I have all of these skills, but how can you trust me when I list these buzzwords as my characteristics? Hopefully through this e-portfolio you will be able to see these skills in action.

By clicking around my site you will see my work as both an intern and as a graduate student in the Communication, Culture & Technology Program at Georgetown University. Each entry on every page presents examples of my expertise using technology both internally within an organization and externally to reach clients and communities online. I welcome the opportunity to connect with you online as well, so please click on the tabs on the bottom of each page to find me on social networks.

My resume below allows you to read more about my experience in the communications field.

This digital space is a work in progress as I continue to learn new multimedia skills and grow as a specialist in the marketing field. I hope you feel welcome, so please visit often!

Curious about navigating this site? Please view my video for a quick explanation!
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