National Dialogue on Green and Healthy HomesOnline audiences can be difficult to reach, but with an applicable platform communities can form to share innovative strategies and best practices about particular causes. The National Dialogue on Green and Healthy Homes was a space for people of varying backgrounds to discuss the green and healthy movement. The Dialogue was a project conducted by The National Academy of Public Administration’s Collaboration Project with The Green and Healthy Homes Initiative. I wrote this paper as an extension of the Dialogue using statistical methods to compare Dialogue findings with survey results.

National Dialogue on Green and Healthy Homes Report

I worked with the Collaboration Project team to analyze the Dialogue participation metrics and comments to write the Introduction and Appendix C, as well as assisting with the drafting and editing the report.




Tools for Online Idea Generation

It can be difficult to choose among all of the choices for online idea generation tools. For this project I helped to research the many platforms and create a guide for public managers overrun with options during the planning process.





A Dialogue on a NOAA Climate Service

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is a broad audience to reach. As my first assignment at The Collaboration Project, I conducted outreach using both traditional and new media to over 3,000 identified stakeholders. After the two-week online Dialogue was complete, I was tasked with drafting the Dialogue report (Appendix H, pages 99-108), which hosted Dialogue metrics and recommendations from the Dialogue participants.


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